▶️ General @NoShitC: How to tell SCAMSHIT!

Scams on the crypto currency world are widespread and quite endemic. The whole ethos of NOSHIT is to identify them, and educate all who become part of our community on how to protect themselves and avoid falling into such traps.

We know from experience that people learn best when they see examples of scams happening to others. That is the reason we are starting a series of videos, be they from the NOSHIT team or someone from the community.

In the video below, it is NoshitC or NOSHIT General who made a video from an example that has happened to us.

They started by claiming that they represent Yobit, which is a popular online exchange trading platform. They claimed to have 500 BNB’s ready to invest in our project.
It felt wrong immediately, nonetheless we decided to play along for the fun of it, and so we could have an example of a scam.

But those were not the only red flags. Although the email we received seemed to be a legitimate Yobit email, when we tried to reply, the email address changed.

When we asked about a warning posted against scammers on Yobit website, their justification was that it was for another operation.

Even if you don’t know the rules and quirks of the crypto world, always be on the lookout from people who pressure you to invest or do a transaction as if time was running out. Scammers can not afford to let you time to gather your thoughts.

So, what can you do to protect yourself from a similar scam?

  • First, take your time to do research.
  • Verify the email by replying, and check whether the address corresponds to the one where the email came from.
  • Check the official links (from google) and follow their guidelines and warnings.
  • Double check what they are saying and see if something doesn’t feel right.

Remember, if someone is asking you for some initial money so they can double or triple your winnings immediately, you are either the luckiest person alive or they are scamming you.

General @NoShitC

Written by:
Hunter S. Shitson

Cover Illustration by:
Esfínter Bidet

Source: VOX

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