Dog poop kicks off political fighting in Turkey

A dog celebrity named Boji is internationally famous because he travels alone in Istanbul public transport such as ferries and trains. Turkish municipal authorities had revealed that some days he changes 29 train stations and subways and travels more than 30 kilometers a day.

Credits: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Boji is extremely polite and even waits for everyone to disembark the train before he does, and is beloved by passengers. So when a man claimed on twitter that he had found dog poop on a train seat, many found it hard to believe it. Moreover, everyone who knows dogs, knows that such an accusation can not be true.

To know why some political personalities and pundits piled on this and reported the news with relish, one has to know the political situation in Turkey. The country is ruled by the party of the autocratic Recep Tayp Erdogan which supports traditional religious values. According to more fundamental beliefs, dogs are thought to be impure and therefore can not live nor be close to people.

Boji rides a ferry to Istanbul’s Beşiktaş district • Credits: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

But local elections in Istanbul have been won by the opposition party, who are progressives and have democratic pro-european values. The celebrated dog Bojo was just another point of contention between traditionalists and progressives long before the poop situation.

Nevertheless the ever vigilant community protested and accused them of lying. Since Bojo is marked with a chip by Istanbul municipal authorities, they tracked his movement and found that Bojo had not been on that train. Moreover they checked the cameras and lo and behold, a man was seen taking the poop from a bag and placing it on a seat.

The dogo had not done it. The poor dogo had become a tool for political infighting and religious madness.

Dogo knows shit and dogo knows that train seats are noshit places. Boji just wanted to travel, take pictures with people, and get petted by them. He cares not what people believe. The train was there, so were the ferries, and they go places. Dogo wants to go places. Dogo knows better than to poop on things that take you places.

Now, NOSHIT’s good intentions have been often questioned. NOSHIT was prejudiced even before launch, and later was accused of things it didn’t do. But just like in Bojo’s case, the community called the accusations. They showed them why NOSHIT is not a scam, but a neat little turd that wants friendship and financial gain. Crypto was there, NFTs were there, and they go places. NOSHIT wants to go places. NOSHIT knows better than to poop on things that take you places.

Written by:
Hunter S. Shitson

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Esfínter Bidet

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