How to buy the NOSHIT token on DxSale PRESALE?

Joining the presale of NOSHIT token is quite an easy matter. You can join from the website, or a simpler way would be to click on the link provided in on our website

If you are thinking to join the NOSHIT presale, we already assume that you have a crypto wallet of some kind. If not, then install Metamask or TrustWallet some of the better options and easier to use.

The next step you want to follow is to add Binance Smart Chain network to one of your wallets.

Then go to the website and in top-middle you have the Connect Wallet option. Click on that and from the options choose your wallet.

Make sure you’re on the right page by searching for NOSHIT token-coin on DXLaunch or by clicking the link below:

Now wait for the presale or if it is ongoing click CONTRIBUTE, select the amount you want to buy and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Our presale its about to start, 28 NOV 10PM UTC and will last 72 hours, or until the HardCap is reached.

After it ends, go to the same address and claim your token.

The process of presale is automated. If the SoftCap is not reached, you can safely claim your investment. Otherwise you can make an Emergency Withdrawal up to 10 minutes before the presale ends, although it has a penalty of 20% of your contribution.

If you need any more clarifications please feel free to ask away.

Written by:
Hunter S. Shitson

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