Two pizzas for 10,000 BTC please!

“My husband (I’ll call him John for the sake of anonymity) and I have been married for over 5 years”, starts a letter posted on Reddit by a woman that is divorcing her husband because he buys too much Bitcoin. The price back then was $200.

She continues to describe her husband as an avid dreamer who wants to do something big. She considers his dreams harmless daydreaming and his enthusiasm cute, though she believes ‘they will amount to nothing’.

The “problems” she says starts when he finds Bitcoin. She says after that it goes from “check out this cool technology to absolute cultish behavior… he starts taking every dime we have and buying them as quickly as he can”.

When the wife confronts him, she says, “He gave me this arrogant response about doing what’s best for us and our children”. Nowadays, we would call him a god-damn genius visionary, but back then his wife did anything to make his life as miserable as possible. She calls him stupid, brainwashed, and can not fathom why would he buy even more when the price keeps falling.

She explicitly states that because of the behavior of her husband, she has read far more than him about Bitcoin and the downsides, but her husband refuses to enter such discussions.

Furthermore, she adds that her husband uses every opportunity when they are at work parties, or with friends and family to talk to others about Bitcoin, for which she feels embarrassed. ” I used to consider him a smart guy” she says, adding that ”I never ever thought he would succumb to basically being brainwashed by a bunch of clueless idiots on the internet who seem to know absolutely nothing about finance and the real world”.  

The posted letter is quite long, but you get the gist of it. So if your family or friends are nagging you about buying NSH or asking them to invest in NSH, please show them this article. Tell them that “Rome was not built in a day”. If we consider that only during 2021 around $7.7 billion was lost to crypto scams, we can easily say that Noshit will be dealing with a market of billions in the very near future.

Downward trends are just that, trends, they are not constant nor are they permanent. There is no need to panic, on the contrary, it is the time to celebrate a very special day for cryptocurrencies.

May 22 is the day when the very first commercial transaction in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) occurred 12 years ago by a Florida resident, Laszlo Hanyecz. He bought two pizzas from “Papa John’s” costing $41, but he decided to make the transaction in #Bitcoin, paying 10,000 BTC.

Because of this event, crypto fans have instituted May 22 as the Bitcoin Pizza Day, to commemorate the first commercial Bitcoin transaction, but also to celebrate the most expensive pizza purchase in history. The two pizzas currently have a total value of $372 million.

If you wonder as to how does Hanyecz feel today about that transaction, he says that he has not regretted it at all, because after all, “someone should have got the ball rolling”.

Don’t forget, the Wright brothers, the American aviation pioneers, and the first airplane builders were called “idiots jumping off the side of a mountain“! Whereas some people are thrilled to advance, invent and seek opportunities for progress, others correlate progress to danger.

But some cases are not black and white. Some projects might seem promising, oriented towards progress, but are actually very dangerous. Precisely in these cases, the brilliance of Noshit comes to play. In a very short period of time, through our platform and services, you will be able to ” separate wheat from the chaff”

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Hunter S. Shitson

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