Warning, too much shit around! Somax: Token that promises to solve the privacy issues

In our daily environment, either in the physical or digital world, there is massive shit around. Hypothetically, shit is sold for caramel, chocolate even as gold. The digitalization era brought an open opportunity to shitters to sell it more easily.

It has been happening for a while now and has undoubtedly been around in the crypto world. Among them, we identify “somax”, the token platform that intends to solve the “privacy” issues by sharing patient data.

As its authors mentioned, this is: “A great project that aims to bring together the health sector and blockchain technology.”

Referring to the mentioned statement, it’s a huge discrepancy between technology itself and the offered solution. At first, they promise a kind of DeFI blockchain that will facilitate the payment process; meanwhile, they propose a method for sharing health data (??).

Ups, I would say how you will share health data on the blockchain? Have you considered GDPR? What about if I am the patient and ask you to delete the shared health data? Would you be able to do that? Well, NO!

NO, to this kind of non-sense solution! Considering sharing health data, the first raised question is privacy and the right to “forget” supported by GDPR. Considering public blockchain as shared larger for sharing patient health data, this immediately violates the GDPR. Alternatively, considering the use of consortium blockchain requires a precise governance model to support data management aspects. So, up to now, nothing is clear on this “somax” token. We consider it to be clearly fake or wistfully objective, which will finally land on a bunch of shit, as shown in the featured image.

As this shitty example and many of its kind are moving around in the crypto environment. Users are fascinated by a bunch of shiny words that are published every day but forget truly the value of blockchain technology itself.

We, as NOSHIT community, will elaborate on such cases to help users with their decision-making before they make any investment. The statement for such an example as described above is purely scientifically supported.

Please listen to the full live SOMAX review from our Telegram Live Voice Chat (AMA)

Written by:
Proffesor NSH

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Esfínter Bidet

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